Linda Terry

STEP Founder, CEO
Linda Terry is a Cognitive Trainer and Certified Geriatric Specialist who helps people of all ages fine tune their thinking skills to help make learning easier,lower stress and boost self-esteem. Her non-pharmaceutical approach features fun, interactive brain exercises and practical lifestyle options to raise brain awareness and build neural connections. Linda also conducts classes,workshops and corporate training throughout the Puget Sound region. Her clients have included: JBLM Wounded Warriors The Evergreen State College Olympic College, Shelton/Northwest Indian College Non-Profits and Caregiver trainings Panorama/Franke Tobey Jones/Capitol Place/Patriot’s Landing Linda is a sought after public speaker throughout the Puget Sound. Her presentations are engaging, inspiring, and energetic. She founded the award winning multi generational volunteer program STEP (Sharing Teens with Elders Project)

Your Brain Steps

Your Brain Steps - Linda Terry

Brain Training - Learn how you think.

Supercharge your brain with science-based, interactive activities as well as adapting easy lifestyle changes. Just as you train your body through exercise, you can train your brain (it is a muscle) for more focus, easier learning, quicker thinking, and stronger memory. Students, Professionals, homemakers, caretakers and elders can all benefit.

Private Sessions

Private sessions are the most effective way to maximize your mental performance. Experience a complete holistic approach to increase your neural pathways through science-based mind and body practices. Practical information guidelines help create a personalized wellness plan

Start Now: one time visit/evaluations
Clear The Fog: 6 hour sets
Change Your Brain: 32 hour complete program

Sessions are conducted online. Travel to client available for additional fee.

Training / Workshops

Corporate training is a popular preventative solution to help keep employees at their healthiest and most productive.

Workshops are a way for people to learn about their brains and the steps they can take for their clearest thinking for your classroom, private group, or team.

Public Speaking

Popular topics have included:

  • My Child is Not Focused and Neither Am I
  • Clear the fog from Chemo Brain
  • Connecting the Generations
  • How to Remember a Name
  • Brain Health and Fall Prevention
  • Hot Mama Brain
  • The Mind/Body Connection