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Elder interview questions for The Elder Project

By smilingweb | November 10, 2021 | Comments Off

The Elder Project Question Guidelines

Elders Name_________________________tribe___________________date_______________
1. Where were you born?
2. Who raised you?
3. Can you describe your childhood?
4. What saying did you hear growing up?
5. Where did you live? What did your house look like?
6. Did you have brothers and sisters?
7. What do you know of your family’s history?
8. Where did you go to school?
9. What do you remember of your school days?
10. What kinds of food did you eat at family gatherings?
11. What did you learn from the Elders?
12. What games did you play as a child?
13. What are some of your family’s traditions?
14. What did you learn from your family?
15. What jobs did you have?

16. Have you had hard times in your life?
17. What are your happiest memories?
18. What skills do you have?
19. Did you or a family member serve in the Armed Forces?
20.Were you taught to harvest traditional plants for food or medicine in your life? If so, who taught you
and what were you taught to gather? How do you use it?
21. How well do you know technology? Are you interested in learning more?

22. How many grandchildren do you have?

23. Did you experience racism or any kind of discrimination?

24. Do you like how things are on the reservation?

25. Do you feel you can embrace the culture freely?

26. What do you think about young people today?

27. What made you decide to tell me your story?

27. Are you interested in talking again?