How did STEP start?

  • Founded in 2014 in Olympia, WA with 12 teens and elders.
  • Inspired by Squaxin Island First Salmon Ceremony
  • STEP UP launched in 2019, Victoria, BC, Canada
  • STEP TWO - The Woman Only began 2018
  • Programs of Distinction Award -Generations United 2018/2022
  • STEP presentation to legislature and
  • International Intergenerational Conference - 2019.

What do you do at STEP?


STEP Gathering Rituals:

  • Physically "step in" to be present.
  • Give thanks to our ancestors.
  • Honor First Nation Land and Labor Acknowledgment.
  • Center together with 3 deep breaths.
  • Hold silence to send love.
  • Topic specific discussion as a group and in breakouts.
  • Harvest reflections and celebrations
  • Send off with a joke, live song, and energy activity.

STEP never stopped during Covid!  Zoom allowed alumni and new participants from around the world to continue our good connecting work.

Native youth and Elders interviews helping to make connections and preserve culture.