The STEP Program Breaks Down Stereotypes, Unites Teens and Elders – ThurstonTalk

Linda Terry’s STEP Program brings together elders and teens in an environment of collaboration and connection, teaching them both all …
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Ashly McBunch

Poet Laureate Ashley McBunch returns to Step and helps us all find our inner poet January 2022

City of Olympia’s Poet Laureate Ashly McBunch joined STEP in June 2021 to read her poetry about intersectionality and share her process of writing poetry. They returned to STEP in January with an amazing workshop that helped us gather our words about Belonging. Ashly walked through a scenario of being in a room of unknown…
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Finding joy in intergenerational engagement

How Olympia-based STEP inspires “people to bridge the generations through empowering conversations”. Read the full article on Jolt News.
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Spring Newsletter 2022

Please read our Spring Newsletter here.
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Donation Letter

Recently STEP had the honor of having Erin Jones as our guest speaker on our Zoom gathering. It was a profoundly moving experience and brought tears to some eyes. She spoke with profound wisdom, honesty and warmth. She encouraged us to be a part of healing racism in our country. It was an extraordinary program.…
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Winter Newsletter 2022

Please read our Winter Newsletter here.
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