Andrew Liu: What’s it Like to Be a College Freshman in Changing Times

Excerpt from Thurston Talk. Andrew’s impressive accomplishments from high school secured his place in an eight-year program that puts him in medical school after successful completion of his undergraduate degree. “That was a big draw for me,” says Andrew, who would not have to take the traditional MCATS, Medical College Admission Test. Then COVID-19 arrived.…
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The STEP Program Breaks Down Stereotypes, Unites Teens and Elders – ThurstonTalk

Linda Terry’s STEP Program brings together elders and teens in an environment of collaboration and connection, teaching them both all …
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Think Grandpa is out of touch? That junior is glued to his phone? STEP this way… | The Olympian

The Sharing Teens and Elders Project brings together the two groups and gets them talking — about parties, learning to …
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Brain Science: How business can benefit | South Sound Business

“The Japanese government is putting millions of dollars into neuroscience,” says Linda Terry, owner of Linda Terry Brain Training in …
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Olympia Teens and Elders Group Receives National Recognition – ThurstonTalk

The Sharing Teens and Elders Program will celebrate it’s 5th year receiving two national recognitions.
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Intergenerational S.T.E.P. Program Wins Caregiver of the Year – ThurstonTalk

When Dotty and Astrid began talking, it quickly became obvious that they had a lot in common. “We discovered that …
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