P.O. Box 4337 Tumwater, WA 98501

Thanks for signing up with STEP - Sharing Time with Elders Project!

You will be contacted by a Stepper by phone or email.


STEP - Sharing Time with Elders Project is an international intergenerational program inspiring people to bridge the generations with empowering conversations.  

Founded in 2014 in Olympia, WA and expanded to Victoria Canada in 2018, STEP now virtually meets with youth and elders throughout both countries.

Currently, all of our gatherings are online weekly Saturdays starting May 8 11:00-12:15. Come when you can!

Log into Zoom, meeting # 834 1324 6232. We will let you in from the waiting room
Please contact us if you are NOT familiar with virtual meetings on Zoom.

Our guidelines include:

  • Everyone is welcome no matter what age, race, religion, gender or ability.
  • Come in with an open mind and leave your expectation at the door.
  • Ask questions to understand.
  • Try not to condemn or convert.
  • Speak your truth with all due respect.
  • Listen with patience.

A typical online gathering can include:

Welcome/Thanks/Land Acknowledgement.
Stepping in with 3 breathes together and a moment of silence
Topic specific conversation as a group and in smaller breakout sessions.
Topics lead by Director, student, elders, or both.
Closing with a harvest of ideas, a joke and sometimes a song or poem.
Closing sends energy to each other.

Warning! STEP side effects may include: a strong sense of community, better self-esteem, and a full mind and heart. 🙂