Donation Letter

Recently STEP had the honor of having Erin Jones as our guest speaker on our Zoom gathering. It was a profoundly moving experience and brought tears to some eyes. She spoke with profound wisdom, honesty and warmth. She encouraged us to be a part of healing racism in our country. It was an extraordinary program.

We almost didn’t have her as she customarily receives a generous speaker’s fee which STEP did not have the funds to cover. However, she graciously agreed to come for a much smaller amount than usual. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had a fund available so we could have other speakers or programs that have a price tag? I offered to write this message to you because Eric and I are always willing to chip in to make good things happen in the world. If you are among those who represent the elder side of the STEP equation or are employed rather than in school, I hope you feel this way too. Won’t you please send a check to boost our STEP account?

Linda Terry is full of ideas and is part of a very large network of movers and shakers in the Olympia area. With more funding she can bring us other speakers and events that serve to enrich our lives. Please see our donation tab at or send your contribution to:

P. O. Box 4337
Tumwater, WA 98501

If you missed the program, contact Linda as she has copies of Erin Jone’s book, Bridges to Heal US: Stories and Strategies for Racial Healing. Our beloved Otto Bul says he is thoroughly enjoying reading it and highly recommends it.

Karyn & Eric Lindberg