Andrew Liu: What’s it Like to Be a College Freshman in Changing Times

Excerpt from Thurston Talk.

Andrew’s impressive accomplishments from high school secured his place in an eight-year program that puts him in medical school after successful completion of his undergraduate degree. “That was a big draw for me,” says Andrew, who would not have to take the traditional MCATS, Medical College Admission Test.

Then COVID-19 arrived. Andrew is still on a trajectory for college and medical school, but for now the actual path looks different. The most significant change is that Andrew started his school year at home. “I decided stay in Olympia,” says Andrew, who is dealing with the feelings of being let down. “There are heavy restrictions for college life.” The experience of college is more than attending classes. It’s a big step into adulthood that involves living away from parents and managing the adventures of life. Some students are still attending SUNY ESF in-person, but approximately 30% are attending remotely.

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